Depending on the internet connection at the location, it could take a little time for the photos to become available.

You can contact our customer service at customersupport@getsnapd.com and we can assist you in finding your lost picture.

Choose the resort from dropdown below to view camera placements at each location.

Ask a staff member where tags can be purchased.

After account creation and log in, navigate to the ‘Add Tag’ page (link located at the top). Click the ‘ADD NEW TAGS’ button and enter your tag number.

If you accidentally delete a picture from your shopping cart and you wish to add it back, you can just click back on the Photo Gallery tab. The deleted photo will be shown again as available for purchase.

Please send an e-mail to customersupport@getsnapd.com with any issues that you have and we will respond with assistance.

A radio activated chip in your tag or wristband will trigger the camera. The chip also contains a unique number that identifies you and your photos. Photos are uploaded to the cloud via the internet to your account.

If you purchased a day pass, your tag will work for 24 hours from the moment your first photo is taken. If you purchased a season pass ask staff how long the season pass period will last.

Cameras are only activated by tags. Simply remove your tag!

Our current generation of cameras only function in daylight. While you may be able to trigger the camera at night, photo quality will be reduced.

For summer applications, the tag can be affixed to the wrist. For winter applications, the tag should be attached to a jacket zipper, or another article of outerwear.

Yes! The tag is waterproof and can be submerged.

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