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The idea of having pictures taken with revolutionary perspective from unattainable views is exciting to all participants! Capturing these memories is fun for families and so easy to upload to social media platforms or image-sharing websites. With flashy signs and catchy phrases no one will miss where our SNAPD™ cameras are located. Saving favorite moments without having to stop, and including everyone in the pictures is priceless!

Tech Run-through

SNAPD™ recognizes tagged participants, snaps photos, and automatically sends those pictures to the user via a web application. The SNAPD™ camera installation is enclosed in a single weather-proof enclosure, with versatile mounting options for convenience. Upon detecting a RFID tag, our Pulse Management Software will tie the images taken with the user and upload them to the SNAPD cloud for viewing, purchasing, and downloading. Everyone tagged, who engages in these activities has a password driven folder created for them to deliver all media to, thus eliminating kiosks and additional management and overhead.



Yes! You can reuse the same tag each time you go to any locations that have the SNAPD™ cameras.

Depending on the internet connection at the location, it could take a little time for the photos to become available.

You can contact our customer service at and we can assist you in finding your lost picture.

You will first have to access the Tag Management page by clicking on the link shown at the top. From there, you can access the Add Tags widget and press the plus sign to add up to 6 tags at once.

If you accidentally delete a picture from your shopping cart and you wish to add it back, you can just click back on the Photo Gallery tab. The deleted photo will be shown again as available for purchase.

Please send an e-mail to with any issues that you have and we will respond with assistance.

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